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Spring Gardener

Spring Gardener™ 20 ft. Landscape Edging - Black

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LEC 53201
  • Featuring Greenline® Depth Indicator
  • Made from recycled material
  • Flexible design
  • Easy installation
  • Will not crack, peel or fade
  • 7 metal stakes included

Landscape Edging Installation Instructions

Limited Lifetime Warranty

More Information

More Information
Size 20'
Spring Gardener™ 20 ft. Landscape Edging - BlackSpring Gardener™ 20 ft. Landscape Edging - Black


Features Greenline ® Depth Indicator for optimal installation


Will not crack, peel or fade


Flexible, recycled material allows for easy installation


  • Video Transcript

    Spring Gardener - Landscape Edging Installation Video VO Script
    “Spring Gardner Lawn edging will require a few tools in order to complete the project, And a few others that may make the job a bit easier.”
    “The string will serve as a visual aid when you’re cutting your edge line. This will ensure your edges are straight and consistent as you work with the shovel.
    Using your shovel, create a “V” in the ground along the intended line. Drive the shovel 4-5 inches into the ground. This is where the Spring Gardener Edging will be placed.
    Once you’ve completed digging out your line, you may need to remove some of the excess grass to clean up the area before putting the edging into place.
    Depending on the length of the edge you’re working on, you may need to cut the edging to the appropriate length. Carefully use your blade or hand cutters to adjust the length accordingly.
    Install the edging by aligning the greenline depth indicator with the ground, leaving 3/4 inches exposed above the ground level. This will create an effective root barrier while reducing interference with lawn equipment - like mowers or weed whackers.
    In sections that exceed the 20ft length of one roll of Edging material, using a second roll, overlap the two ends by 6 inches, and secure them together with the provided stakes.
    Space out the provided stakes by 3-4 feet, securing your edging.
    And there you have it, you’ve just completed your edging project...and are one step closer to an eco conscious, long-lasting, beautiful yard!



With durable construction and innovative wood composite design, Spring Gardener™ Landscape Edging comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty guaranteeing against manufacturer defects. Check out this short video below for a competitor comparison.


What is Composite Edging?

Also known as bender boards, our Spring Gardener™ composite material is made of recycled wood and plastic that are designed to bend easily. If you have lots of curves and bends in your landscaping, this is a durable and flexible choice.

How do I install my Spring Gardener™ 20’ Composite Edging?

  1. Let the material loosen by leaving it in the sun for a few hours so you can more easily bend it.
  2. Dig a shallow trench that will fit your Composite Edging snugly. Make sure this area is level.
  3. Place your edging in desired location and bury up to the Greenline® Depth Indicator.
  4. Use plastic stakes to hold curves in place every 3 or 4 inches.

How do I cut or trim my Spring Gardener™ 20’ Composite Edging?

It is easiest to cut or trim your Spring Gardener™ 20’ Composite Edging with hedge trimmer or a utility knife. Best results are achieved after letting the edging sit in the sun for a few hours.

What is the Greenline® Depth Indicator?

Spring Gardener’s Greenline® Depth indicator takes the guess work out of the installation process. Simple bury your edging to Greenline® Depth indicator, backfill, and you are ready to go.

Can I buy extra stakes? 

Absolutely! Spring Gardener™ has a 5-Pack of stakes that can be purchased here. It is always a good idea to purchase extra stakes if you have a large amount of turns in your designated area or if you are making multiple tight turns with the edging.

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Product Overview

Featuring the innovative Greenline® Depth Indicator and made from recycled materials, Spring Gardener™ Landscape Edging is the ultimate enhancement for your landscape! With a pointed edge and a durable, flexible design that will not crack, peel or fade, Spring Gardener™ Landscape Edging is simple and easy to install. Additional metal stakes and a Limited Lifetime Warranty provide even more value!


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