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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Adjust-A-Gate™ do I need?

For 2-rail gates up to 48” tall with a 36” - 60” opening, you would need AG36-36

For 2-rail gates up to 48” tall with a 60” - 90” opening, you would need AG60-36

For 2-rail gates 48” and taller with a 36” - 72” opening, you would need AG72

For 3-rail gates 60” and taller with a 36” - 60” opening, you would need AG36-3

For 2-rail gates 48” and taller with a 36”-60” opening, you would need AG36

For 3-rail gates 60” and taller with a 60” - 90” opening, you would need AG60-3

Is the Adjust-A-Gate™ easy to assemble?

The Adjust-A-Gate™ building kit is installed on-site to perfectly fit your gate opening every time. Just add wood or composite boards to match your fence. With no previous experience required, our DIY gate kit is a great fit for any skill level.

What tools and materials do I need to install an Adjust-A-Gate™?

With minimum tools required, our DIY gate kit can be installed with everyday household tools. A Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, drill w/ spade bit, and wire cutters is all you need to install your brand new Adjust-A-Gate™.

My current gate is sagging. Will the Adjust-A-Gate™ help?

The Adjust-A-Gate™ steel gate frame kit is the perfect solution for straightening and strengthening your old gate. Also, included in the box is a hardware kit with our patented truss cable system that keeps your gate from sagging or dragging. Use it to fix an existing gate or build a new gate up to 72" wide.

Does the Adjust-A-Gate™ work with metal post alternatives like the Lifetime Steel Post?

It absolutely does! With our LTP Hinge/ Latch Adapter Kit you can quickly and easily connect any Adjust-A-Gate™ product to the Lifetime Steel Post fencing system.

Is there a warranty on my Adjust-A-Gate™?

Lifetime Fence fully stands behind our product. Lifetime means forever. Your Adjust-A-Gate™ comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty.

I have questions for my particular application, do you have a “ask the expert line”?

Yes, you can call (800) 955-2879 to speak to our customer service experts.

What is the difference between the 2-rail and the 3-rail Adjust-A-Gate™ kits?

The difference between the 2-rail and 3-rail kits is the height of the steel verticals. The 2 rail kits are 47” high typically used for 5’ & 6’ High gates and the 3 rail kits are 60” high typically used for 6’ and taller gates. The 3 rail kits offer additional 2x4 rail brackets for a 3-rail application.

What is the widest gate opening I can make with the Adjust-A-Gate™?

With a single gate, you can have an opening of up to 8’. For a double drive, using 2 Adjust-A-Gate™ kits, you can have an opening of up to 16’

I have round steel posts. Can I use the Adjust-A-Gate™ kit with my posts?

Yes! However, you will need additional hardware. The Adjust-A-Gate™ kit comes with standard wood post corner hinges. You will need standard chain link style male post hinges to attach the Adjust-A-Gate™ to your round steel posts.

Can I use other types of fencing material?

Yes, the Adjust-A-Gate™ kits can be used with Wood or Composite material.

If I have an opening that is less than 36”, can I cut the horizontal bars down to fit my opening?

Yes, you can cut the horizontal spreader bars to fit your opening.

Tip: spray the cut ends with any weather resistant spray paint. 

Does this gate come with hinges?

Yes, the Adjust-A-Gate™ kits come with all the hardware needed to assemble a gate, just add wood. Hardware included: Post hinges, gate hinges, 2-way latch, truss cable and screws. You could also add your own personal touch with custom latches, hinges, or fasteners.

Do you have a drop rod kit that allows my gate to stay open?

Yes, our model UL301 is great for both single and double drive gate applications.

Can I use the Adjust-A-Gate™ on a deck application?

Yes, the Adjust-A-gate™ kits are perfect for deck application where stairs are included, perfect for keeping pets in or off the deck and safety for children.

Can the Adjust-A-Gate™ open in or out depending on my application?

Yes, although Adjust-A-Gate™ is deigned to open in, the post hinges can be placed on the opposite side of the posts for an outward swing.

Can this gate be attached to masonry?

The gate includes hardware for wood or composite posts. Masonry hinges (not included) with a 5/8” pin will work with our gate frame hinges.

Does the gate adjust vertically?

No, Adjust-A-Gate™ kits adjust horizontally only. The kits come in 4 heights, 34” 45” 47” & 60”

How do I cover the gaps on each side of the gates?

We recommend overlapping the fence board on the hinge side and attaching the fence boards to the end of the vertical gate frame on the latch side. We include self-tapping screws to attach the end fence boards to the steel frame.

If I build a double gate, does it allow the full width of both gates? Example: AG36 at max extension is 60” or 5’ post to post but if I build a double gate, can I put the posts at 10’ or 120” apart?

When you build a double gate, you actually lose 1” so 9’9” or 119” would be the max post to post distance with this gate size, or you simply lose 1” with any double gate using our gate frame kits.