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What material are your kennels made of?

All of our kennels are made of 100% premium grade steel.

Where can I buy your kennels?

We have variety of retailers where you can purchase our kennels either in store or online (Home Depot, Lowes, Overstock, Wayfair, Walmart, Petco, Chewy and Costco are some of our largest retail channels). You can also purchase @

How wide are the gaps between panels and what gauge is being used for both welded wire and chain link kennels?

⇒ For welded wire kennels, it is 8-gauge with 2 in. x 4 in. wire mesh.

⇒ For chain link kennels, it is 12-gauge with 2 in. x 2 in. wire mesh.

Do all your kennels come with covers?

We offer both options. Our STAY Series™ Kennels come with a premium waterproof polyester cover and UPF 50+ protection. We also offer kennels that come with the frame kit only. If you decide later that you are in need of roof frame and cover, they can be purchased separately from Lucky Dog®.

Do you sell replacement parts, panels and/ or gates?

Yes. Please refer to the following links:

What is your warranty for the kennels?

Our kennels have a 2-year limited warranty. Our premium CANOPY covers also have a 2-year fabric warranty.

I have a kennel that is starting to rust. Is there a way to fix it?

We recommend applying Naval Jelly to remove the rust and then covering with a Rust-Oleum paint to seal and protect.

How do I register my product that I recently bought on your site?

Please refer to this link for product registration:

If my dog destroys the kennel, door or the cover, would this still be covered under the warranty?

Please refer to the specifics on our warranty statement under product manual.

Where are your kennels manufactured?

All of our kennels are made in China.

What is the difference between silver and black welded wire kennels?

All the features are the same, the only difference is the color of the powder coated finish.

What is your toughest kennel?

Euro Pro-Style Kennels which are constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing to contain the largest and most energetic dogs.

Where would I find a manual for a specific kennel?

All of our manuals and assembly instructions can be found online on each of the product pages. If there is something that’s missing, you can contact our customer support ( for an electronic copy.

If I have more questions, where should I call?

You can contact us at and one of our customer reps will be happy to help to answer your questions.

Can I take out a panel and put the kennel against my house?

You can do this with welded wire, chain link and Euro Pro modular kennels but not with chain link boxed kits. Please keep in mind that the roof system and cover may not work properly if the configuration of the kennel is changed. 

Are your kennels designed to be used outdoors?

Yes, absolutely. All of our kennels can be used outdoors.

Can I use this kennel in my garage/ house?

Yes, please refer to each kennel dimensions to make sure it fits within your space.

Can I put 2 kennels together to make one larger kennel?

Yes, you can do this with our welded wire, Euro-Pro and chain link modular style kennels. We do not recommend trying to put 2 boxed chain link kennels together. Please keep in mind that the roof system and cover may not work properly if the configuration of the kennel is changed. 

Can the gates swing both ways?

Yes they do and it applies to all types of kennels.

How wide is the door opening for each type of the kennels?

The chain link box kennels and Uptown kennels have a 2' (24'') opening and the welded wire and Euro-Pro kennels is 3' (36'').

What are the plastic sleeves for on my welded wire panels and why do they not come on all of them?

These are only used for shipping purposes and not needed in building the kennel.

Can I put caps on the bottom of my kennel?

We do not recommended doing this as moisture may build up and cause premature rust and also voids the warranty.

Do your kennels come assembled already?

All of our kennels require some assembly. No tools are necessary for STAY Series™: Studio Jr, Studio and Villa. An adjustable wrench is required for our larger STAY kennels: Executive and Presidential.

What are the differences between all the Lucky Dog STAY Series™?

Currently we have 5 models which include Studio Junior, Studio, Villa, Presidential and Executive (coming soon). The major differentiator between all is the size but please refer to specific details in this document.